Our 5-point quality promise

Surely the best dental prostheses

Günstiger Zahnersatz von SAVEDENTAL – das 5-Punkte Qualitätsversprechen

Good tooth restorations are a result of teamwork that involves the patient, dentist, dental-lab and through rigorous quality requirements in all production phases. You can trust SAVEDENTAL …

  • Quality of the materials used: Only CE- certified materials from Germany are used.
  • Production quality: our partners in Asia use state-of-the-art technology. Regular training and visits performed by the SAVEDENTAL team in Germany make sure these standards are kept.
  • Quality in communication: small lab, qualified personnel and an in-house person of contact in Asia guarantee fast processing and smooth communication.
  • Quality inspection at the end: A master certified dental technician in Germany checks all models before shipping from the partner- laboratory. He also controls the quality of the finished dental prosthesis after their arrival from China.
  • If minor corrections are necessary, we will make them in our master lab in Germany and not send the prostheses back to our partner laboratories in China.