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How much cheaper are dentures from abroad?

Depending on the supply, a reasonable tooth replacement made abroad can cost up to 50% less than one produced in a German laboratory.

Are the same materials used as with more expensive dentures from Germany?

The materials used for dental restorations of SAVEDENTAL are identical to those used in Germany for equivalent dentures. Therefore you can be sure to receive a product of equivalent quality.

Do I have to expect longer processing times?

We manufacture the models for the dentures in Germany. The shipping to our partner labs, the processing there and the return to us take approx. ten to twelve working days.

What about the warranty?

There is a two-year warranty provided by SAVEDENTAL, which we are obliged to provide by German law.

Does the supplementary insurance cover dentures from abroad?

Yes! As a rule, the supplementary insurances subsidize the affordable dental prosthesis from abroad in the same amount as dental prosthesis manufactured in Germany. Please inquire beforehand.

Can I get SAVEDENTAL dental prostheses without any copayment?

There are some cases where one is exempt from paying. The amount you have to pay is determined by the status of your Zahn-Bonusheft, the prognosis and your personal requirements. Very often- and we are frank here- it is hard for the patient to avoid co-payment. However, the price is significantly lower with SAVEDENTAL.